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Readable, serializable and deserializable Python nested models (Open Source)

Stack: Python, attrs

Key words: Library, Nested Models definition, Serialization, Deserialization, Validation

Link: Github JStruct open_in_new PyPi JStruct open_in_new

Tags: Open Source


The Open Source kit to integrate multiple shipping carrier services

Stack: Python, DHL API, FedEx API, TNT API, UPS API...

Key words: Python Library, Gateway, Unified API

Link: Github PurplShip open_in_new PurplShip open_in_new

Tags: Open Source


Custom shipping store web app consuming DHL API

Stack: Python Flask-RESTful, Polymer, Firebase, Heroku

Key words: Full stack, cloud app, REST API, DHL XML API, Web components, SPA

Tags: Contract

Restaurant app prototype

Restaurants map and filterable suggestion web app


Stack: Polymer, Firebase, Google Maps API

Key words: Serverless app, web app, Web components, SPA, PWA

Tags: Collaboration Prototyping

Hair dresser app

Indepedant Hair dresser service map. For hair and make up services at your home or the stylist's home depending on your agreements.


Stack: Polymer, Firebase, Google Maps API

Key words: Serverless app, web app, Web components, PWA

Tags: Collaboration Prototyping Discovery (Polymer, PWA)

Explore React-Native

React Native exploration with "Build Apps with React Native" course from Udemy

Stack: React, React-Native

Key words: Mobile hybrid App

Tags: Discovery (React-Native) Udemy Certification

Explore React

React exploration with "Build Web Apps with React JS and Flux" course from Udemy

Stack: React, Reflux

Key words: SPA, React-router, Flux

Tags: Discovery (React, Flux) Udemy Certification


Reactive Web Worker mini library (Open Source)

Stack: Javascript, Web Worker, Lodash, Babel, chai, sinon, mocha, Karma

Key words: Library, Reactive, Async, Parrallel

Link: Github PerformJs open_in_new

Tags: Discovery (Web Worker)


Online classified advertising service, organized by city and urban region, for posting local ads in Côte D'Ivoire


Stack: PHP Symphony Framework, Bootstrap, JQuery, MySQL

Key words: Web app, MVC

Tags: Collaboration (2x) Side project (students) Discovery (PHP MVC)