Software Developer

Hi, I am Daniel.

A Full Stack developer

My Expertise


I create server side web application logic and write APIs for front-end integration. Experience working with C# .Net stack and Python (Flask, Django)


I collaborate with UX specialist to develop rich user interface using web technologies and frameworks like React, Angular and Polymer.


I conceive and participate in software architecture design process. Good knowledge of best practices from Object oriented and functional programming paradigms.

My Work


Full stack, Python API deployed on Heroku
with Polymer web UI hosted on Firebase

Webbshipper is a web app built to improve shipping store owners daily operations.

Personal projects


Indepedant Hair dresser service map. For hair and make up services at your home or the stylist's home.


Map of restaurant and personalized advertisement app. Suggestions can be filtered.

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I am open to new opportunities

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